Find My iPhone

If you loose or misplace your iPhone (even if it’s somewhere in the house), iCloud can help you find it. You have three options available to you if Find My iPhone is enabled and your iPhone is turned on and connected to a data network (cellular or Wi-Fi):

  • Play Sound: a sound plays immediately on your iPhone (for two minutes) even if the iPhone’s volume is muted. You will receive a confirmation email after the sound plays.
  • Lock Mode: remotely lock your iPhone instantly and send it a message with your contact information. If someone finds it, s/he can contact you from the Lock Screen without accessing your personal information.
  • Erase iPhone: remotely erase personal information (email, contacts, music) from your iPhone if it’s lost or stolen. Do be careful with this option as you won’t be able to use Find My iPhone to locate your iPhone on a map or play a sound after it’s been erased. If you should find your iPhone after erasing it, use iTunes or iCloud Backup to restore the information back onto the device.

Enable Find My iPhone

  • Tap the SETTINGS app
  • Tap iCloud
  • For Find My iPhone, tap to turn ON
  • Tap OK

How to Use Find My iPhone

  • On a computer open a web browser such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome
  • Click once in the address bar, then type: icloud.com
  • Press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to view the website
  • Enter your Apple ID (typically your primary email address)
  • Enter your Apple ID password
  • Click the Sign In arrow button
  • Click Find My iPhone
  • A map appears displaying all your Apple iOS devices, i.e. iPad, iPhone
  • Click All Devices, then click your iPhone to view the three options available

Green dot: appears next to the device if it is online – turned on and connected to a data network (cellular or Wi-Fi)

Gray dot: appears next to the device name if it is offline – turned off or not connected to a data network (cellular or Wi-Fi)

  • When finished, sign out of iCloud by clicking your name in the top right, then click Sign Out