Remote Computer, iPad & iPhone Training & Support

Trusted training service, wherever you are. 

The greatest benefit from all of our technical devices is that it gives us the ability to connect and stay in touch. Mirja is dedicated to a consistent teaching style that builds on your specific computer experience, with new recommendations tailored for your next step in the learning process. To ensure this consistent learning environment, Mirja offers remote sessions to achieve the training you need in a specific area or telephone consultations to work through specific challenges, no matter where you are.

Benefits of Remote Tech Training & Support

Learn something new wherever you are

Whether you are in Florida, in another state or somewhere else in the world, receive training and support using your computer in the comfort of your home.

Learn by doing

You’re the pilot. I’m the co-pilot. It’s a collaborative effort where the focus is on you gaining hands-on experience with technology.

Receive answers to your immediate questions

A 15 or 30-minute session may be all that you require at the moment. If more time is needed, we can schedule longer sessions as well.

Connect securely

While we speak on the telephone, receive training and support using a permission-based remote access support tool. The connection is safe and secure. All communication is SSL-encrypted.

How Remote Tech Training & Support Works

First, contact me by telephone or email to schedule a remote session. On the day of your appointment, you will receive an email with a link and PIN code to allow us to establish a secure remote connection. At the time of your appointment, I will call you on the telephone and then we will establish the connection.

We have the option to work together in two ways: a Desktop Viewing session or a Remote Control session. I recommend we start with a Desktop Viewing session where you’re the pilot and I’m the co-pilot. The more you actively use your computer, the more you learn.

With a Desktop Viewing session, I’ll be able to view any programs you have open on your screen and guide you through answers to your questions. You will move the mouse and click through the steps.

If we need to troubleshoot an issue, we have the option to easily switch to a Remote Control session where either of us can move the mouse and click through the steps.

Once we finish our session, remote access to your computer ends and you will have learned something new!